About Us


The Story of Morana

The company originated in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1978 with a husband and wife business partnership. And in 2002, the couple’s two sons took over the family business and strategically renamed it MORANA. They then launched a country wide branding campaign to gain popularity and success.

Today, there are more than 300 stores in Brazil with an emerging North American and European market.


What we value

MORANA is a brand of high-end fashion jewelry and accessories that is deeply rooted in affordable trends, superior quality and outstanding to all customer service!


Jewelry that is made to last

Compared to the leading competitors, Morana jewelry has double plating, which helps styles remain more resistant to tarnish.

Consist of the highest grade of cubic Contribute to provide an economical option of wearing styles that have the look of diamonds. They are durable with just enough shine to make your outfit dazzle!


Opitions you have

Our jewelry is all meant to fit the needs of our valued customers. A majority of products are stocked in a variety of sizes and array of colors. The bonus feature is that you can contact us direct to inquire about additional color and size options in the case that you do not see it stocked!